Heavy In The Beats Vol. 1 – A Different Drum
The entire purpose of the “Heavy In The Beats” series is to help unknown/unestablished drummers get their names and music heard by others. To accomplish this goal, each volume in the series features an original piece by a well known drummer to go along with the rest of the participants’ compositions.

Track Listing
1. Intro (Something Different)
2. Allow Me To Introduce Myself – Andrew McAuley
3. Circuits – Steve Honoshowsky
4. Purging – Andrew McAuley
5. The Kush/The B-Hit – Andrew McAuley
6. Shaman With A Sword – Billy Martin
7. Tiff Toof – David Freeman
8. Ba Doom Boom Ching – Jason Schmidt
9. Purging 2 – Andrew McAuley
10. Celebrate Your Soul – Andrew McAuley
11. Long Kiss Goodnight – Andrew McAuley
12. Temple Block Diffusion – Randy Brush
13. Goat Fight – Chad McDaniel aka Mahoba
14. Absurdity – Tony Hoskie
15. Banged Oddities – Jason Schmidt
16. Purging 3 – Andrew McAuley

Includes 6 videos, artist bios, and instrumentation list for each track.

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Heavy In The Beats Vol. 2 – No Dough, Deep Pockets
Volume 2 features 21 original drum breaks for sampling purposes.

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