A Christmas Medley For The Holidays!

I just went out to The Potting Shed and recorded this idea for Christmas. I hope you are all getting into the holiday spirit and here’s to a better and brighter 2015!


Music Is Medicine!

I’ve been in a bit of a funk recently but I finally felt inspired to get behind the drums today and just have some fun, and that I did! I decided to get into a bit of dirty second line drumming and it really rekindled my spirit. Music really is medicine!


Do Some Holiday Shopping At The Kind Beats Online Store!

Tis the season to cop yourself or a loved one some Kind Beats gear! Stay warm, comfortable, and rep the Kind Beats movement all at the same time. Just head to the Kind Beats Online Store and check out the selection of hoodies, scarves, shirts, stickers, and more!


Check Out These Two Original Compositions!

This video consists of two individual pieces of mine, with the first track transitioning into the second one. Many of you might recognize the first piece, entitled “Celebrate Your Soul”, as the introduction song in all of my lesson videos. These songs were made using nothing but drums, percussion, and found percussion.


New Download Link For “Heavy In The Beats: Volume 1 – A Different Drum”!

For a very special #ThrowbackThursday update, here’s a new download link for Volume 1 in the “Heavy In The Beats” series! “A Different Drum” , originally released in 2009, is a compilation album featuring pieces from drummers and percussionists such as myself, Billy Martin, Steve Honoshowsky, and many others. Focusing on more of an avant garde approach, the album also includes several videos, as well as artist bios and a list of instrumentation used in each song.


Thanks To DRUM! Magazine For The New Blood Feature!

I appreciate the kind folks at DRUM! magazine reaching out to me for a small feature in their monthly “New Blood” section. The write up can be found in the November issue. Although it feels somewhat odd being referred to as new blood at the age of 34, I kind of dig the idea of being viewed as a youngin’ again. Either way, there’s new blood in the water and this shark is hungry. :)

Kind Beats Accepts The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge And Takes It A Step Further

After being nominated by my brother for the ALS ice bucket challenge, I decided to step it up one notch as well as challenge two amazing drummers/percussionists, Billy Martin and Cyro Baptista. For more information on how you can help the cause, go to and help spread the word about this crippling disease.


Shake Your Rump At Sparkling Pointe Vineyard With Samba Novo!

I will be performing with the amazing batucada band/samba school Samba Novo on Saturday, July 26th at Sparkling Pointe Vineyard in the Hamptons. The cover is $15 and there will be three sets of kick ass batucada drumming! Come and enjoy some delicious wines and divine rhythms!


Catch Me Perform With Billy Martin and The Fang Percussion Ensemble At The Stone!

If you’re in the NYC area on July 23rd, step outside of the box and join Billy Martin, myself, Steve Honoshowsky, David Freeman, Ronald Stockwell, and Miles Arntzen at The Stone and experience a multisensory percussion performance (audio, visuals, scents) that will be different from any other percussion ensemble you’ve seen. The first set will be a meditative one consisting of stridulations, which are percussion pieces and phrases inspired by crickets and the second set will be a ritualistic piece entitled “Yoruban Game”. I hope to see some of you there!


The 10th Installment in The Return of The Groove Series Is Quite The Challenge!

For the tenth installment in the Return of The Groove series, I decided to do something special to challenge myself. I came up with what I call an upside down samba, along with some ride variations. Turn your world upside down for a few days and work on this lesson! Transcriptions can be found here!


Return of The Groove: Lesson 9 – Dirty Quarter Note Triplet Shuffle

Dig this lesson which focuses on a unique and dirty shuffle pattern, as well as a more traditional variation. As always, have fun and make it your own! Transcriptions can be found here!


The Return of The Groove Series Returns!

After a year hiatus, the Return of The Groove series returns with a fun lesson focusing on alternating between 4/4 and 6/8 clave patterns while playing a neck breaking back beat. That may sound like a mouthful but it’s not nearly as complicated as it seems, so click the video and learn something new and fun! Transcriptions can be found here!


Set Your Phasers On Drum! Lesson 4 In Experimental Drumming Techniques Is Here!

The latest installation in the Experimental Drumming Techniques series focuses on how we can emulate the sound of a phaser fx pedal using just our sticks and a drum. I also demonstrate one way this technique can be incorporated into a groove setting. Check it out and have fun making it your own!


Lesson 3 In “Experimental Drumming Techniques” Is Here!

This installation focuses on using cymbals and other metallic objects on top of your drums, in order to add some raw, trashy, and even melodic sounds to your playing. It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong when it comes to sound exploration and self expression. What may sound pleasant to one’s ears may come across as noise to the next person. Enjoy!


Performing With Suang Budaya Dance Group At the 8th Annual Dance Parade In NYC!

I’m pleased to announce that I will be playing percussion with the Suang Budaya Indonesian dance group at the 8th annual Dance Parade in NYC, which is being held on May 17th. Come get your gamelan on! Check out Dance Parade’s site and Saung Budaya’s site for more details.

EDIT: Do to the unavailability of some of the musicians involved, this performance will no longer be accompanied by live music. I was very disappointed to hear about the cancellation but I believe I shall be performing with them in the near future. I’ll keep everyone posted!


Lesson 2 In “Experimental Drumming Techniques” Is Here!

Check out how you can coax some crazy and eerie sounds out of your drums, using just a pair of brushes and a few bouncy balls. Have the “balls” to explore the soundscape of your drum set!


Experimental Drumming Techniques: Lesson 1 – The Cymbal Scrape

The storm has finally arrived at Here is the first installment in a new instructional series focusing on experimental techniques for both the drum set and percussion. It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong when it comes to sound exploration and self expression. What may sound pleasant to one’s ears may come across as noise to the next person. This first lesson focuses on the cymbal scrape and gives an example of how it can be used in a groove. Enjoy and express!


There’s a Storm Brewing That The Weatherman Didn’t Predict…

After a quiet 2013, I’m about unleash a storm of new series and lessons starting Monday, April 21st. Break out your umbrellas, galoshes, and drum sticks because When it rains, it pours!


#ThrowBackThursday Video From 2009: Experimental Improv Duet

Here’s a throwback to 2009 with myself and Jon Berretta doing some experimental improvising. You may recognize the sound of the percussion instrument I’m using (a waterphone or aquasonic) in the beginning from horror and sci-fi films.


I’m Now Officially Member of the Vater Family!

I’m proud to announce that after playing their sticks exclusively for over thirteen years, I am now officially a member of the Vater family! Not only do they offer the best quality sticks available, but they are also huge supporters of music education. It’s an honor and privilege to have them behind me. By the way, what model do I use? Wood tipped Manhattan 7A’s all day!


In Case You Haven’t Heard, I’m Now A Part Time Correspondent For Drum Talk TV!

This past January, I went to the 2014 NAMM show to work as a correspondent for Dan Shinder’s brainchild and labor of love, Drum Talk TV! If you’re unfamiliar with Drum Talk TV, the site not only constantly releases incredibly insightful artist and educator interviews, but it takes in an depth look at all of the latest products and their manufacturers as well. Go there now!


Follow Me On Instagram And Vine!

I may be a little late to the game, but I’ve finally gotten both Instagram and Vine accounts. Feel free to follow both accounts at the links below!


New Video Explaining How You Can Turn A Remo Practice Pad Into A Frame Drum Or Timbale!

Here’s a new video showing you a neat trick that my young student showed me to quickly turn your standard Remo practice pad into a frame drum for use with both hands and sticks! You can get sounds similar to a djembe with hands, as well as timbales when using sticks.


Happy New Year To All of My Fellow Drummers!

I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year! I hope that we all have a beautiful and productive 2014 and remember to try and keep the spirit of the holidays alive the entire year. Love one another, laugh with one another, and learn from one another.

Much love,
Andrew McAuley


New Artist Interview With Jason Garner of The Polyphonic Spree!

After a two year hiatus, artist interviews are back! To kick things off, we have an interview with Jason Garner of The Polyphonic Spree; a band who’s music and message helped me find some inner peace when I needed it most and put some of my musical goals into a different perspective. Read as Jason comments on his influences, approach, playing in a group with at least 22 members, the power of The Polyphonic Spree’s music, and more!


Merry Christmas To All of My Fellow Little Drummer Boys And Girls!

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Let love and compassion fill your hearts and remember to cherish your family and friends, because they are truly the greatest gifts we could ever receive. Much love!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Andrew McAuley


Check Out My Interview in Drum Talk TV’s Master Educator Series!

Dan Shinder and the folks at Drum Talk TV interviewed me earlier this year at the NAMM show, as part of their “Master Educator Series”. The interview has finally arrived! Watch as I discuss my approach to drums, music, teaching, and much more.


The New Forum Will Be Up And Running By This Friday!

After a long time of inactivity, I’ve decided to overhaul the discussion forum and start a new. This time, the forum layout should be a bit easier to navigate with less sub-forums. It will be back up and running by Friday, 12am EST. Take a second to sign up for the forums and discuss drums, music, and anything else you would like. Let’s form a community where the members support each other instead of tearing each other down. Even if there are only a handful of users, I’d rather have a handful of supportive and knowledgeable people posting than thousands of ignorant ones any day of the week. With that being said, I’ll see and speak to some of you guys in the forums!


Why Has Everything Been So Quiet On The Video Front?

The reason I haven’t been posting drumming lessons and videos recently is because I’ve been focusing on getting two musical projects off the ground. As much as I love teaching, my passion has always been and always will be playing music. I have a funk ensemble that I’m currently writing and auditioning members for, as well as a heavier project with my friend and guitarist Alex Szrajer. Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting drum vids from time to time but right now, I’d rather be able to bring the world new music instead. Drumming vids are cool but they’re just that…DRUMMING videos. Shedding in your rehearsal spot can be both fun and productive but it’s not why we all got into drumming. We got into drumming because we loved the music that we heard the drums in. Music is a language and if you’re always playing by yourself, you are in essence talking to yourself. Now, doesn’t that sound crazy?


After Several Months Of Down Time, I’m Back And More Focused Than Ever!

As many of you may know, I battle bi-polar disorder and for the past few months I’ve been dealing with a bout of depression. That coupled with some stuff that was going on in my family life led to a state of non productiveness, which only made things worse. I’m finally ready to brush myself off and get back to the grind. I’m feeling focused again and appreciate all of the support that many of you have shown over the years. Time to start living and loving life again!

Andrew McAuley


Return of The Groove: Lesson 7 – Dirty Odd Time Funk In 9/8

It’s been a while but it’s time to return to teaching with a vengeance! Enjoy this foray into odd time funk! Transcriptions can be found here!



Just Having Some Fun With Reggae Influenced Rhythms

Having some fun playing around with some Jamaican themes such as one drop and steppers. Also, a little funk at the end. Please note that I am not trying to play traditional reggae in this vid but rather basing my playing off of common reggae themes.


Finally! Let The Influx Of New Videos And Lessons Begin!


Follow My Livestream Channel To View Live Candid Practice Sessions And More! Official Launch This Week!

From now on, I will be live streaming from my drum room The Potting Shed every time I go to practice or bang around on the drums. Follow my livestream channel at for a candid look at me coming up with ideas, having fun, and struggling! Lol I’ll try and answer any questions people have after I finish playing as well.

UPDATE: This channel was originally hosted on Ustream but was moved to Livestream after too many problems were found with the Ustream services.

DRUM! Magazine: 20 Surprising Celebrity Drummers

Check out this old article from DRUM! Magazine that I recently came across. It features twenty celebrities that also happen to be drummers. Some definite surprises in the list!


KindBeats4Kids Raised $1200 For The Recovery of Long Beach Schools!

Thank you to everyone that made it out to the two benefit performances for the recovery of Long Beach schools. Between the two performances we raised a total of $1,200 for Long Beach Schools, which I just donated via their site: Thank you to both The Beach House and St. Ignatius Martyr Church for allowing us to hold the events there!

A very special thank you to Chris Bastian and Berkeley Everett for both their time and wonderful playing. I’m looking forward to cooking up some serious music with these cats!


Happy New Year! Let’s Have A Great 2013!

I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year! 2012 was a difficult year for me but I am looking to bounce back better than ever in 2013. Much love to all of you and make sure one of your new year resolutions is to keep on drumming. Play on and happy holidays to you all!

Andrew McAuley

Final Holiday Benefit Performance To Help Rebuild Long Beach Schools After Hurricane Sandy!

In an effort to raise funds for the $4 million in repairs still needed by Long Beach Public School System after Hurricane Sandy, The Charles Schultz Trio will be hosting a final benefit performance of the music of Vince Guarladi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas”inside of the beautiful Saint Ignatius Martyr Church in Long Beach, NY.

Date: Sunday, January 6th

Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Where: Saint Ignatius Martyr Church
721 West Broadway
Long Beach, NY 11561

Donation jars will be set up around the church and 100% of the money made will be going to Long Beach Schools, so please make sure that those jars don’t go unfilled!

A link to how the money will be given to Long Beach schools:



Chris Bastian – bass
Andrew McAuley – drums/percussion
Berekely Everett – piano


Benefit Performances Being Held To Help Rebuild Long Beach Public Schools!

This Saturday, in an effort to raise funds for the $4 million in repairs still needed by Long Beach Public School System after Hurricane Sandy, The Charles Schultz Trio will be performing the music of Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at The Beach House in Long Beach NY.

First set is at 2:00 pm, Second set is at 3:00 pm.

The Charles Schultz Trio was put together specifically for this event and features:

Chris Bastian – stand up bass
Berkeley Everett – keys
Andrew McAuley – drums and percussion

Donation jars will be set up around the entire restaurant and 100% of the money made will be going to Long Beach Schools, so please make sure that those jars don’t go unfilled!


*This is the first of two benefit performances. The second one will be announced soon!


ATTENTION: Hurricane Sandy Has Destroyed My Hometown!

As many of you may know, my hometown of Long Beach NY has been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. My family and I are safe but unfortunately, the same cannot be said for my drum room or gear. My town has been evacuated by the National Guard and will be without water, electricity, and sewers for close to a month (latest update). Hence, you probably aren’t going to be seeing too much of me for a bit but I will be coming back stronger than ever. That, you can be sure of.

Much love,
Andrew McAuley

**Many of you have been kind enough to offer donations during these hard times. I can’t tell you how much your support and generosity means to me! If you would like, you can send donations to my family’s paypal account which is linked to Thank you from the bottom of my heart!**


It’s Back! The Return Of The Groove: Lesson 6 – “Boom Boom Chick Chick”

Well, it’s been nearly ten months since the last installment in the “Return of the Groove” series, so let’s change that, shall we? I give to you, the “Boom Boom Chick Chick”!

Click for a larger image


I Am Currently Working On Condensing The Forums For Easier Use! Make Sure To Check Back Soon!

I am going to be reorganizing and condensing the forum section of the site in the next few days in an effort to make it more user friendly. I hope you all decide to sign up and make the forum a helpful place for all drummers to dwell!


Now Offering Personalized Video Lessons – Work On What You Want To From Home!

To the drummers that are interested in studying with me, I am now offering custom video lessons. Lessons are $20 each or you can sign up for 4 lessons for a total of only $45! We can focus on whatever you would like and most lessons will include transcriptions as well. All lessons are shot in high definition and can be downloaded as well. So, don’t just sit there at your computer. Send me an email and GET YOUR LEARN ON!


Behind The Scenes: Tracking Drums For A New Project

Here’s some footage from a recent recording session I did with guitarist and dear friend, Alex Szrajer at Blast Off Studios in Manhattan, NY.


All Video Lessons Are Now Available For Free! Head To The Lesson Section And Get Your Learn On!


New Drum Lesson: Ostinato in 6/8 Time


Improv Solo From The Strike A Chord Foundation’s Charity Drum Clinic


Part 2 In “The Bleed Chronicles: Playing Meshuggah With One Foot” Is Finally Here!


Congratulations To Cathy Cast For Winning The 2nd KindBeats4Kids Charity Raffle!

Well folks, the second raffle has come to an end and our lucky winner is Cathy Cast! The prize was a beautiful 14″ Liquicy cymbal that was generously donated by Hammerax cymbals. We raised $250 this time around, which means that we’ve raised a total of $800 so far! Now it’s time to find a store that will match that and make it $1600. :)



Charity Drum Clinic Featuring Andrew McAuley And Mike Donahue!

On June 20th, Andrew McAuley and Mike Donahue will be holding a charity clinic at the Sam Ash store in Springfield, NJ. This event is sponsored by the Strike A Chord foundation and completely free to the public, however donations are highly encouraged. Andrew will be focusing on topics such as discovering one’s own voice and vocabulary on the drums, personal sound choice, how bipolar disorder has influenced and shaped his playing, and more! Come on out for a great cause and be sure to say hello!


The Music Frees All Festival: Benefit Show For Producer Scotty Hard

On June 9th, I will be performing with Billy Martin’s Fang Percussion Ensemble at the Music Frees All Festival in Brooklyn, NY. The show is a benefit for producer Scotty Hard and will also feature Antibalas and others! Come on out, catch some good music, and say what’s up!


The 2nd KindBeats4Kids Charity Raffle Has Been Extended Until Wednesday, May 30th.

The drawing for the second KindBeats4Kids charity raffle has been pushed back from May 14th to May 30th. Use this opportunity to get yourself some raffle tickets and a chance to win a rare 14″ Liquicy cymbal from Hammerax! All proceeds go towards music education for children!


Hammerax Has Donated A Cymbal To Be Raffled Off In The 2nd KindBeats4Kids Charity!

John Stannard and the rest of the Hammerax family have been kind enough to ship me a cymbal that will be raffled off as the prize of the second KindBeats4Kids Charity Raffle. The cymbal they chose? A 14″ Liquicy cymbal, which they pulled out of their vaults especially for this occasion! This cymbal is no longer available on the market, so this will be a great opportunity to pick up a rare gem AND support music education at the same time. The drawing will be held on Wednesday, May 30th! Click Here to find out how to buy tickets!


Congratulation To Matt McKasty On Winning The KindBeats4Kids Charity Snare Raffle!

Well folks, I’m pleased to announce that the first KindBeats4Kids charity raffle brought in $550.00! I’m currently trying to convince one or two of the larger stores to match that number so that KindBeats4Kids can afford to provide one lucky school with drums, cymbals, practice pads, instructional books, and more! Thank you to everybody that contributed…we ARE making a difference!

As for the winner of the snare drum, congratulations to Matt McKasty! Getting that drum for the price of four tickets is enough to make any drummer envious…myself included!


Time Is Running Out To Enter The KindBeats4Kids Charity Raffle! Drawing Is March 30th!

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to win this beautiful snare drum. All proceeds go towards providing music education programs to schools in need! For all raffle information, head here. The drawing is being held on March 30th so get your entries in now!


Enter The KindBeats4Kids Charity Raffle To Win A Custom Snare Drum And Support Children’s Education!

I’m pleased to announce that someone has donated a custom snare drum to be raffled off for the KindBeats4Kids charity! 100% of the earnings from the raffle will go towards funding music education programs for children! Click Here to find out how you can win a beautiful 4″x13″ maple snare and help support children’s education at the same time! Below is a picture of the beautiful drum that the lucky winner will be receiving and you can Click Here for more pictures! Please share this with others!The drawing will be March 30th!

Andrew McAuley


All Lessons On This Site Are Available For FREE DOWNLOAD For The Entire Month! #FreeFebruary

Don’t miss this opportunity to work on a bunch of great drum lessons, absolutely free! Also, remember that the move to hi-definition video should be in full effect come March. I’m looking forward to providing you guys the with best quality lessons that I can offer!


Announcing #FreeFebruary And The Upcoming Move To Hi-Definition!

I’m currently in the middle of rerecording all of my older drum lessons to a hi-def format (please be patient!), so that eventually all lessons offered on this site will be in HD. To celebrate the upcoming change, I’m dubbing this February #FreeFebruary! Since the upgrade to HD is going to take about a month, I’ve decided to make every lesson currently featured on this site available for FREE DOWNLOAD for all of the month of February! Although these videos are not in hi-def format, I guarantee that the lessons themselves are as high quality as they come. Don’t miss this opportunity to watch and download as many as 20 lessons – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

New Series: “The Bleed Chronicles: Attempting To Play Meshuggah With One Foot”

Follow me on my journey as I take on the ridiculous task of trying to play the opening drum part to Meshuggah’s song “Bleed”, using only one foot! Whether it is possible or not remains to be seen but I will grow on my instrument either way, so it’s a win/win situation. There’s no losing in music!

#KindBeats4Kids To Become It’s Own Charity – Help Make 2012 A Better Year For Children’s Education!

In November of 2011, I began an initiative to try and help raise funds in order to help provide music education programs to schools in need. The idea behind my #KindBeats4Kids fundraiser was to donate 1/3 of the profits from all lessons sold on this site between November 2011 and January 1st 2012 to a nonprofit organization called Education Through Music. To be quite honest, I was extremely disappointed in the results of the campaign so I have decided to take it a step further.

Starting this year, #KindBeats4Kids will be becoming an official charity dedicated to raising both awareness and funds to help provide public schools with music education programs, and here are several ways you can help!

1. From now on, 1/3 of the profits from any lessons you purchase on this site will go to the #KindBeats4Kids charity ALL YEAR ROUND!

2. From now on, 100 percent of the profits from all Kind Beats merchandise sold on this site will go to the #KindBeats4Kids charity. That’s right, ALL of it!

3. Don’t want a lesson or merch? An account is being set up so that you can simply make donations to the charity.

4. You don’t need money to help! Simply spreading awareness to the cause is a huge contribution in itself! Just add #KindBeats4Kids to any and all posts you make online that are either music or education related.

Help #KindBeats4Kids make sure that all children are at least provided the opportunity to learn an instrument!


Merry Christmas To All of You!

It’s been a great 2011 and I’m looking forward to carrying the momentum into the new year. I hope you all have an amazing holiday season and much love to all of you!


All Videos To Be In Hi-Definition Starting January!

Starting this January, all new videos will be in hi-definition! I’m picking up a new camera and computer, so 2012 is going to be looking mighty sharp. Better picture, better sound, new angles, and best of all – new videos!


Introducing Free Fridays!

Starting today, I will be posting one FREE lesson every Friday. To kick things off, I bring you “Return of The Groove Lesson 5”. I hope you all enjoy and if you dig the free lessons, make sure to check out my new $0.99 lessons! You can download both in the Lesson section.


#KindBeats4Kids and Street King #SK: Promoting Change Through Positive Energy

Please help spread the word about the #KindBeats4Kids movement and share this video with as many people as possible! Also, join me in supporting 50 Cent’s Street King movement to feed 1 billion people in 5 year’s time at Remember folks, all of us have the power to make a difference in people’s lives!



Growing up as a kid, my school always had a music curriculum and every student was granted the opportunity to learn an instrument or sing. As I grew older, I began to realize that wasn’t the case for all schools. There are many schools that simply can’t afford music education anymore and the thought of that frightens the hell out of me. Not only does music serve an expressive outlet, it is also a great tool for helping children to understand topics such as math and science. Hence, I want to try and use this site to make a difference and I need YOUR help! From now until January 1st, 2012, I will be donating one third of the money made from all $0.99 lessons purchased on this site to the Education Through Music Charity, which helps supply schools in need with a quality music program. All I ask is that you please spread the word about this to as many people as possible. Also, if you’re on twitter or facebook, add #KindBeats4Kids to all and any drum related posts you make. It might not seem like much, but I would bet that you also never thought you could help pay for a student’s education by taking a drum lesson! I hope you guys are down to get on board with this. Let’s make sure that other kids are given the chance to discover the same passion and love that we did.

Andrew McAuley

Click Here To Visit The Online Lesson Store!






As I previously mentioned, all new downloadable lessons will be available starting November 1st for just $0.99 each. Less than one dollar! To start things off, I figured I would make my most popular lesson to date available for download starting a few days early. So check out this 60 second preview and if you dig it, purchase the lesson HERE for under a buck! TONS OF NEW LESSONS ON THE WAY!


Purchasable and Downloadable Lessons Will Be Available Starting November!

Starting this November, this site will start offering purchasable/downloadable lessons! Many of these lessons will be much different than your traditional drum lessons, but there will be traditional style lessons as well. Basically, there will be stuff for drummers of all levels, so make sure to start checking the lesson section on the regular!
Attention Drummers: Now Accepting Submissions For “Heavy In The Beats” Vol. 3!

Well folks, it’s time once again for you to get your drumming heard by others! The free “Heavy In The Beats” series returns with Vol. 3, which will focus on the drum n bass genre. RULES: 1) Submissions must be drums and percussion ONLY! 2) All sounds must actually be performed with live instruments. NO COMPUTER PROGRAMMING OR DRUM MACHINES! If you’re interested, send your submissions to me at by November 1st if possible. Looking forward to hearing what you guys come up with!

In the meantime, check out Volumes 1 & 2 here.


Participate In The #RepKindBeats Social Networking Campaign And Spread Site Awareness!

Participating is simple! Just add the words #RepKindBeats to all drum-related posts you make on twitter and facebook. By doing this, I’m hoping to spread awareness of this site and the Kind Beats movement, which is to bring drummers together to form a community where we can all learn from each other. So please, make sure to add #RepKindBeats to ANY AND ALL drum-related posts!

Also, be sure to follow me on twitter at


New Interview With Candiria & Fuel Drummer Ken Schalk! speaks to Ken Schalk about his influences, practice habits, and much more. Check it out in the Artist Interviews section!


Thinking Outside The Box: My One Handed Drum ‘n Bass Blast Technique


Return of The Groove: Lesson 3 – “Funky Drummer” and “Cold Sweat”


Return of The Groove: Lesson 2 – Nasty Cowbell Groove


I’m Currently Featured On!

View the article here!

The “Return of The Groove” Series Is Here! Check Out Episode 1 Now!


Coming Soon: The “Return of the Groove” Video Series

The upcoming “Return of the Groove” video series will be focusing on demonstrating and dissecting both original and classic boom bap beats of all difficulties. The following video features a groove which will be explained in part 1 of the series. Get the neck braces ready folks!


New Interview With Medeski Martin & Wood’s Billy Martin!
Medeski Martin & Wood’s kit killer Billy Martin chops it up with Andrew McAuley and discusses how his love for percussion came about, teaching, musical philosophy, numerous artistic ventures, and more! Check it out in the Artist Interview section. You don’t want to miss this one!


New Video Interview With Mike Johnston!
Mike Johnston chops it up with Andrew McAuley for this hour long video interview covering everything from Mike’s inspirations and goals to his “pepamints” for the kids and the fact that he’s not the drummer for Nickelback. Check it out now in the Artist Interview section!


The Artist Interview Section Is Now Up!

For the site’s first official interview, we talk to Jacqueline Cassell aka JackieCas1 of youtube fame. Catch the full 30 minute video interview in the new artist interview section!


The Free Drum Loop Section Is Now Up!

Ideal for producers, this section is dedicated to offering both free and purchasable drum loops to sample and chop to your MPC’s desire. Also, this section will be updated as often as possible so please keep an eye and ear out! Enjoy!


Fan Pictures Are Now Up!

If you cop some official Kind Beats merchandise from the online store, be sure to take a pic of yourself with it and send it to so it can be posted on the site!


Free Global Networking Section For All Musicians Now Up And Running!

Register in the forums and promote yourself in order to network with other musicians from around the world! The section is organized by instrument, country, and state or region. Please spread the word and help make this the spot for musicians to go to when searching for other artists and potential collaborators!


The Free Forums Are Now Up And Running!

Take a second to visit the free forums and register to become a member of the KBD Community! They’re quite basic but they will be being upgraded in a few days, so lets get to posting and help start an online community that drummers can be proud to be a part of!

Andrew McAuley




I’m going to be making myself available for as much free lancing as possible this year. This includes recording, shows, tours, drum loops, and teaching/clinics. If you would like to contact me about rates, simply send me an email at Hope to hear from some of you soon!

Andrew McAuley



Heavy In The Beats Vol. 2 – No Dough, Deep Pockets

I’m pleased to announce that “Heavy In The Beats Vol. 2 – No Dough, Deep Pockets”, which was released in November has now been downloaded 1,100 times! I look forward to hearing how everyone decides to use the loops! If you haven’t checked out the “Heavy In The Beats” series yet, you can download each volume for free in the “Music” section!