Born in 1980, Andrew McAuley (aka Kind Beats) is a drummer, percussionist, composer, and educator known for his outside-of-the-box approach to drumming.  Taking styles from all around the globe, he seamlessly weaves them together with both neck breaking grooves and soaring soundscapes.  Influenced by drum and percussion visionaries such as Billy Martin (of Medeski Martin & Wood) and Cyro Baptista (Beat The Donkey, Sting, Paul Simon, Herbie Hancock), his belief is that everyone should try to discover their own unique voice on the instrument and that it is an ongoing process that never truly ends.

Andrew started drumming under Al Miller and later, private instructor Scott Foley.  After a few years with no teachers, Andrew started studying under Billy Martin and was inspired to pursue studies at the world renowned Drummers Collective in 2001.  There, he studied under masters such as Michael Lauren, Kim Plainfield, Frank Katz, Fred Klatz, Memo Acevedo, and many others.  After completing studies at The Collective, he continued studies with Billy Martin and began studying percussion under Cyro Baptista as well.

To date, Andrew has had the honor of sharing the stage and/or recorded with Billy Martin, Cyro Baptista, Terry Bozzio (of Frank Zappa, Missing Persons), Anthony Coleman, Avery Storm, DJ Wally aka Pish Posh, Samba Novo Brasilian Music And Dance Ensemble, Stick Against Stone, Colleen Rennison (of No Sinner), and more. He has also written instructional books, launched the free “Heavy In The Beats” compilation series for drummers, posted numerous online instructional series, as well as founded the KindBeats4Kids fundraising project for schools in need of music education programs.

Andrew plays Vater sticks, Hammerax cymbals, Gretsch drums, and Remo heads.